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Dizzy's foal this year (by Elljay Indiana) is a bay colt called Storm Cheetah. He was born in the middle of a night of heavy wind and rain! For more pictures of Storm click here.

Cougar on spring grass.

There's a Tiger in the forest.

This is Skye who is a flea-bitten grey, 16.2hh Irish Draught X Thoroughbred mare who had her first foal, Tiger, to Elljay Indiana three years ago. Tiger is now starting his work and we hope to ride him very soon. Given that Tiger has turned out to be such a lovely guy we are hoping to put Skye in foal to Elljay Indiana again this year.

Dutch Mill is a handsome 17hh Dutch Warmblood gelding by Secundus. Dutch was not very well over the winter so he's now taking it a little bit easier in the field, looking after his special mares.

This is Dizzy who joined us at Middlepart in April 2006 from Centyfield Stud in Devon. Dizzy is a 15.1hh chestnut leopard appaloosa X anglo arab by Sundance Kid. She has a wonderful gentle nature. She came to us with her yearling filly, Hosta, by the Knabstrup stallion, Hamlet Frydenlund. She was only with us a few weeks before she gave birth to Cougar, a red near leopard colt, also by Hamlet.

Hosta is a beautiful bay yearling filly by Hamlet Frydenlund. Over the last few weeks her black legs have started to go grey so we are wondering whether she is going to change her colour! She was rather nervous when she first arrived here but she's struck up a close friendship with Dutch Mill and the two Shetlands, Rocky and Red.

Cougar, Dizzy's son (by Hamlet Frydenlund), was born in May 2006. He's growing fast and his adventurous and bold character is unfolding! He's aready happy to leave his mum and explore and visit other horses when she's busy eating. You can see his and Hosta's sire if you go to Centyfield Stud.

Cayuse is a 14hh Fell X Spotty pony. She had a foal by Elljay Indiana three years ago and she has come to live at Middlepart for 18 months to have fun doing ridden work and to be put in foal to Elljay Indiana again.

Cougar,at 3 months old.

Dizzy and Cougar.

Skye and Elljay Indiana's foal, Tiger, at two and a half years old and growing into himself.

Joe Roo, a very special 16.1hh Welsh Cob X TB, in his western saddle.


Bertie (Bertalanffy) is 15 this year and is king of all he surveys. In his younger days he was a superb rabbit catcher but these days he prefers to catch the sun on a bale of straw and leave the more energetic work to the younger cats. He has the job of being in attendance during the last check at night.

As a young kitten, Roary was left in a cardboard box at the side of the road not far from the farm. He found his way to us and stayed.

Roary relaxing.

Joey and Malcolm in nice light.

Eek's son, Timmy.

The ducks and chickens produce free range eggs and enjoy the safetly of their shed at night. The ducks have a pond but seem to like the hike down the field to the stream at the bottom best.

Archie and Annie are pedigree Ryeland sheep. They were bred in Aberdeenshire and we met them at the Royal Highland Show three years ago. If you are interested in Ryelands then you can find out more about them from the Ryeland Flock Book Society.

Cougar, Dutch and Hosta at the end of the summer 2006.

Elljay Indiana and the rainbow.

And Shuggy.

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