Forthcoming Events:
Sunday 5th August, 2018 Equido Partnership Workshop - Groundwork

Equido is a training method and philosophy, based on the teachings of Mark Rashid, and created by Mark and Morag Higgins from Ross Dhu. In Equido we combine the knowledge of horse and human psychology, biology and biomechanics to learn how to form an effective, trusting and safe relationship with our equine partners. Through being aware of our own energy, body language and breathing, we learn to read not only ourselves but our horses and how to communicate clearly, fairly and consistently. How much time do we actually spend in the saddle and how much time do we and others spend round about our horses? How important is it that we can communicate effectively with our equine partners on the ground and not only under saddle? For horses to trust us, we need to be trustworthy leaders. But how do we become the leaders that our horses want to follow?

Why not join us for our workshop on partnership, leadership, boundaries and understanding the horse to become the effective leader your horse is looking for? The day will consist of lectures and practical sessions, so day stables for each horse are provided.

Costs are 70 per horse/handler pair for the day, incl a day stable, lecture notes and practical work, tea, coffee, water and snacks Please bring along suitable tack, ie headcollar or ropehalter (whichever appropriate for your horse) a 20ft long rope (ie Lunge rope) along with suitable footwear, a riding hat and gloves, as well as lunch for yourself and hay for your horse.

To book please contact Middlepart Farm (Daune) via email ( or Facebook using the link here follow me on facebook

For questions about the workshop content please contact Caroline von Linden on 07753466559