We are interested in the classical approach to equitation. The following links will take you to sites that we think represent and illustrate the Classical Approach well.


This is a link to the website of the Classical Club, founded more than 25 years ago by Sylvia Loch. The website provides a wealth of information about the classical approach. Membership of the Clsasical Riding Club is now free.


This is the site of the classical rider, trainer, and author, Paul Belasik. We took Elljay Indiana to have some lessons with him when he was giving a clinic in Yorkshire in 2005 and, ever since, I have followed his work and audited at his clinics whenever possible. This website contains some articles written by him and videos of him working with his horses. I think his books are some of the best ever written on classical horsemanship.

D. FRANCISCO DE BRAGANCA (at Quinta do Archino)

Click here for pictures of our times with D. Francisco at Quinta do Archino and here at Middlepart.

This site describes the courses available at Quinta do Archino with D. Francisco de Braganca. We spent a week riding here in September 2005. I enjoyed it so much I returned in May, 2007 with a non-riding friend. I have been visiting Archino whenever possible ever since.

D. Francisco was kind enough to join us here at Middlepart in September 2008 when he gave some lessons and worked with our horses. A young colleague of his, Diogo, joined him for several days and so we were in the wonderful position of watching Joe, Tiger and Max suddenly showing what they could really do! D. Francisco visited us again in May 2014 when he delivered a 3 day clinic.

HAUTE ECOLE This site describes High School work but contains advice and definitions to help all levels of rider and horse
CLASSICAL EQUITATION This link takes you to my website dedicated to Classical Equitation. The website contains videos, articles, clinic reports and book reviews.